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Robert Hais


301 08 Halmstad

Konvojvägen 11

302 72 Halmstad

0735-35 43 03


Halmstad 1978

Live in Halmstad, Sweden


University of the Arts, London, BA Fine Arts, Art and Space

2000 - 2003

University of Halmstad, Art History


KKV, Göteborg, Practices of Public art


A selection of exhibitions:


laholms stadsgalleri, exitman, installation

vårsalongen, hallands konstmuseum, delar ur: reassemble the future, objects

konstnärscentrum väst, 365, installation

halmstad konsthall, zipper park, installation

mjellby konstmuseum, delar ur: for god´s sake dont sneeze, installation

hallands konstmuseum, 365, installation

hallands konstförening, ducks in a row, installation

galleri sigma, its all fake, paintings

waterfront hotel, artcollector, paintings/installation

torntorget, interact pt 2, paintings

era bobyrån, public space, objects/sculpture

hayward gallery, its broken, paintings / objects

la spighetta, connect, objects

tom and dicks, connect, objects

galleri impar, interact pt 1, paintings / objects

green olive, interact pt 1, paintings

konstnärscentrum väst, duplo exploration, objects



2016, laholm

2016, halmstad

2015, göteborg

2015, halmstad

2014, halmstad (coll)

2013, halmstad

2013, halmstad (coll)

2012, växjö

2012, stockholm

2010, halmstad

2007, stockholm

2006, london

2006, london

2006, london

2005, halmstad

2005, london

2005, göteborg (coll)






2017, halmstad

2017/18 laholm

2017, halmstad

2016, halmstad

2016, halmstad

2016, halland

2016, jönköping

2015, varberg

2015, kalmar

2015, halmstad

2014, halmstad

2014, halmstad

2012, halmstad

2012, halmstad

2011, halmstad

2010, halmstad

2009, helsingborg

2008, borås











A selection of commissions:


exitman squared, city-animation, temporary installation

tillsammans genom livet (procurement), commission 1%

culture-jenga, temporary installation

follow nature, temporary installation

change, temporary installation (int. street-art festival)

collective communication, commission

temporary images (procurement), commission 1%

stop! (on tour) temporary installation

stop! (on tour) temporary installation

its about time, commission

stop! (on tour), temporary installation

zipper park, (procurement), commission 1%

puzzle painting memory, (procurement), commission 1%

capsule communication, (procurement), commission 1%

earth bench, (procurement), commission 1% (landart)

six places, (procurement), commission 1%

acrylic pillars, commission

suspended display, commission







Hallands konstmuseum

Region Halland

Göteborgs Konst

Halmstad Konst

Kronobergs län

Grants and Scholarships:


Project grant, Halmstad,

Project grant, Region Halland,

Pre-study grant, ALMI,

Lars Johanssons Scholarship,

Residency, Hallands konstförenings, Berlin




Konstnärscentrum-väst, vice president and art director for the land art group,

Halmstad art club, secretary, member of the exhibition group,

Hallands Musieförening, boardmember, sub.,

Art consultant and jury commissions for municipalities,

VSBK 2.0, Civic/Social-projects,

Culture strategically development, Artistic reference to the investigation,

Regional Dialogue, art reference to the cultural planning,

Partner in pre-study for the ”Revelation” project, Kulturbryggan,

Pre-study (X)Sites Land-art Project, Sjuhäradsrundan,

Pre-study (X)Sites Land-art Project, Kattegattleden,

(X)Sites Land-art Project Sjuhäradsrundan, (Art director),

(X)Sites Land-art Project Kattegattleden, (Art director),

Art in School, Art and integration,

Art and Youth project, commission,

Project Österskans, art reference to the cultural planning project,

Curator for Public Art,

Art in School, various projects,

Member of KRO/ International Artist Association (IAA),

Various architecture projects,







2013-, Göteborg

2010-, Halmstad

2016-, Halland

2015-, Alingsås

2016- Västra Götaland

2017-, Halmstad

2016, Region Halland

2017/18, Czech Rep., Sweden

2016, Boråsregionen

2016, VGR, Halland, Skåne

2017/18, Boråsregionen

2017/18, VGR, Halland, Skåne,

2016, Halmstad

2016, Falkenberg

2017-, Halmstad

2015/16, Halmstad

2012-, Halland


2008-, Halland, Skåne, Kalmar, Västra Götaland



The work includes installations, objects and sculptures within the public spaces. Narratives, time, space, and conceptual ideas is the foundation of all projects and exhibitions, as well as interactive gestures that communicates with the public.

Some of the works are shaped around a space or the void in between, other seek contact through light, sound, images, texture of time. There are often modest aesthetics in the works that consciously meets the public on a closer encounter.

Patterns of repeating forms are connected to a larger coherent installation in some of the works. There is always a narrative behind every work that shapes the artworks and connects to its contexts.

Time as a method is often used for temporary installations, and site specific works but also as a concept and a method that destroys the work over time, or liberates it from a form.


Another part of the work consists of artistic assignments such as cultural planning project, reference assignments, for cities and regions on (mainly) the west coast of Sweden.

Board missions with a focus on quality and awareness on artists situations in society in different regions as well as establishing new methods of working with art.

Art direction and project managing the project (X)Sites deals with establishing a platform for land-art / sites-specific art in three regions and 12 municipalities, through international collaborations.

Via the organisation Trans Europe Halles, a network of artists has been generated, through participation in their programs in different countries in Europe.


A development work has been initiated with focus on how new technology can be used in public art. With new technology means video and video documentation, animation, device implementation, projections and other communication methods for public art.

A part of that work will be done together with the new Art and Science centre that is being constructed in Lund.

The art in public spaces are lacking in digital aesthetics, even though many great works has been done. Public artworks are still created in traditional techniques that quickly becomes monumental in the aesthetics and passive in communication, and those methods of speaking does not stand in relation to present time. How art made from video, animations and light, directly relates to the space and how they interact with the public is the primary focus of the work.

Robert Hais©