Temporary Images

Temporary images is an installation that claims the area around a lake in Jönköping without disturbing the sincerity of the nature. The artwork is built on structures in wood that aims to frame the ever changing nature around the lake. The four positions each has a specific view within the landscape.


The artwork is constructed of wood studs with a linax* impregnation. The idea is to frame the changing nature in fixed structures on specific places.


Each artwork is constructed to appear open/see-through when seeing the frame from the sides and allow the nature to pass through. When seeing the frame from head on it appears closed with focus on the central “image”.


The wood aesthetics on the artwork is borrowed from the surrounding landscapes and façades on nearby buildings. They are intentionally created with wood to enhance the character of the surroundings and create a link to that, through art, instead of competing with the nature rather give it the primary focus.


*Linax: The most environmentally friendly impregnation of wood on the market to enhance the strength and durability of the wood