A site-specific temporary installation on tour, with the shape of stop-signs for pedestrians, that integrates with the public space to tell a story/poem of the present.


There is a written story as a narrative that communicates the present time. The story is a manifestation about the problems of borders today, that are the root of so many complications of society. Borders in a historical perspective is about power and protectionism, a kind of civic mechanism to create control and a sense of community. We see the same rhetoric being used today, and again creates the same problems of segregation and nationalism that has been done so many times throughout history.


The full story has been fragmented in to parts. Each part is created specifically for a site. Each installation on a specific site is one part / sentence of the whole poem. The image on the previous side, is from Varberg, and is called “once more you´re on the edge of ruin” and is displayed at the old medieval fort in the city.


The tour, when completed, include 12 sites along the west coast of Sweden to Copenhagen in Denmark. Each stop-sign is 185cm in height and is constructed of 500 LED diodes. A total of 10 figures makes the full installation and is and will continue to vary in relation to its contexts.


[This side is mine]1, [and the other is yours]2 [Again and again]3, [through history]4

[Once more you ́re on the edge of ruin]5 [Bureaucracy standing guard, ever expanding]6 [The distance is growing]7

[Alone in the mist you are left]8

[Bypast]9, [no longer necessary]10, [as you ́re standing still]11 [The water is rising]12


Robert Hais©