Reassemble the Future

Old object and devices, picked apart to smaller parts that tells on how they can be reassembled in a new formation to speak of the future. The smaller parts are put together in new compositions by how they are shaped and formed, hold together by oak. All artworks are shaped to speak interactively with the audience that are invited to a tactile approach to the art.


The aesthetics of function is used as a method of communication with the public. The objects invite an audience to somehow use or take part of the art. When looking at the art through the perspective of function the art starts to speak of various topics in relation to the past, present and the future.

The collective artworks are under production and will finish during the first half of 2018.



The thirteen works for the exhibition are:


1. Fresh air €5

2. Countdown

3. The lost puppet

4. A Swedish model

5. Under pressure

6. Oak seed sealed

7. Measure your X today

8. Circle and Square

9. Back and Forth

10. Equilibrium through fear

11. Hear the wind

12. Queue to the absolute unnecessary

13. This will lead you nowhere


Robert Hais©