Painting Puzzle Paving

This work contains two parts. One is concrete pavings formed as a puzzle with engravings of simple letter and numbers combinations (based on chess coordination). The other part is 4 paintings with a representation of the puzzle pavings.

80 square meter puzzle is placed on the courtyard and the four 1x1m paintings inside the school.


The work is analogue interactive and works by integrating the students in the process. They follow the code on the bottom of each painting and produce a painting (paint by numbers) with chalk. They can then transfer the painting, with the same chalk, to the puzzle paintings on the courtyard by working together.


By identifying the same letters and number combination on the drawing as the full scale puzzle outside the transfer can begin.


The work treats the notion of transferring knowledge form one medium to another, from inside to outside, by working together. It becomes work and play combined.