Follow Nature

This site specific temporary installation deals with the man made path. By walking from a specific point to another without the state, region or municipality intervening but because you need to get through is foundation or the project. Without mapping or planning natural paths are made.


Trees, bushes and thickets are bypassed, and the path gets more and more beaten. Soon a natural path is made connecting informal sites together. This process are found in other places in nature as well, both by and within man, but also in wildlife.


The path often starts brushy, lined with obstacles, trees can be in the way and needs to be bypassed, a boulder can stand in your way or a bush and so on, but the more the path is threaded the easier it gets to go through. The same process is also found within biology, where a passage is blocked new ones are found within (sometimes with a little help) to re-establish connection.


The purpose with this work is to illuminate and to pay homage this process. The work is constructed of 2x7in frames measuring 2x3m that is repeated along a man made path and are never directly lined which creates a visual tug and pull that leads one forward. Eight frames are placed over a few hundred meters to illuminate the man-made path.

Robert HaisĀ©