Exitman Squared

This series of work consists of site-specific animations within the public spaces in the cities. The “Exitman” sign is the main character in these installations that together with its contexts tells stories of the present and includes themes such as politics, love, humour, and contemporary events etc. The sites and the narratives makes the work. To use the specifics of each site is a fundamental part in telling a story.


The image above is displayed in direct opposite of the city hall in Halmstad. Convoluted and elaborate formulations comes out of the politics collective bosom, but nothing happens, not in the long term or the short term. The lowest common denominator seems to be the prevailing thesis that seems to find new levels all the time. In the animation the exit-man walks back and forth, back and forth, back and forth in a everlasting loop.


The idea of the installation, for this site, was to speak of the fact that nothing ever happens here other than reduction. Nice formulations about development, progress, goals and visions without directions. Nothing on where that should lead or what kind of society they want to create.


New works are being planed and conversations is under production for new installations within the public spaces. Pre-works of these installations were worked on during a residency in Berlin, 2017.


A one minute long video is present on Youtube through the link below:

Robert Hais©